Trading Education

We provide comprehensive education to all of our members, regardless of their experience level, ensuring that they consistently achieve profitability and success in trading.

Flexible Syllabus

Our Trading Education Programme is designed to accommodate individuals ranging from absolute beginners to seasoned veterans. Through our personalised approach, which includes one-on-one training, we offer a flexible methodology, allowing us to customise the syllabus to match the individual skill level of each student.

Proven Strategies

Our strategies are founded on more than two decades of expertise in the financial markets. A meticulously balanced methodology, combining analysis with risk management, constitutes the cornerstone of our tried and tested strategies, which have been in application for over a decade.

Mind Over Markets

Cultivating the correct mindset and expectations is essential in the trading profession. We lay a robust psychological foundation for our students, enabling them to comprehend and identify the potential pitfalls and psychological traps that the market may present to a trader.

Trading By Example

We practise what we preach. All our trading activities are published as references for our members, utilising the very strategies we advocate. This approach is designed to foster confidence and provide exposure to the market and our methodologies.

Seed Funding

We are in partnership with one of Europe’s premier seed funding providers for traders. Our students, upon successful completion of our educational programme, will be granted funding, thereby empowering them to accumulate substantial capital to utilise in their trading endeavours.

Led By Experts

Our mentors bring more than 20 years of experience in the financial markets, having served as professional investment bankers and retail traders.